Public fears surround E. coli linked to dogs at UK dog park

People are avoiding a UK park after as many as 10 dogs had fallen ill with sickness and diarrhea after visiting the area.

According to The Courier, there were five confirmed cases of E coli affecting pets. It has been suggested torrential rain caused water contamination at the popular spot for dog walking.

The outbreak led to fears humans could be affected and one anxious mum reportedly kept her young child away from the area.

Dr Margaret Hannah, deputy director of public health at NHS Fife, said there was no reason to avoid Letham Glen in Leven, and that the bug could have been spread as a result of dogs sniffing each other.

Dr Hannah said there had been no human cases of E coli linked to Letham Glen.

”While dogs are frequent carriers of E coli, rarely does it cause them symptoms,” she said.

”Flooding in the Letham Glen area took place more than six weeks ago.

”If there were a substantial risk in the locality, we would have expected to see human cases of E coli within 14 days.

”No cases of E coli infection have been reported to the public health department from anyone living in the KY8 area of Fife since August this year.”