Music producer almost died after eating raw meat with Black Lips

I’ve never listened to Black Lips, a self-declared flower-punk band from Atlanta, Georgia, but their next producer may want to pay attention to the food at the studio.

Producer Mark Ronson teamed up with the garage rockers last year to work on the band’s sixth album, ‘Arabia Mountain,’ but was apparently struck down with potentially deadly food poisoning after some ill-advised thematic catering decisions.

"To get in the mood to record [album track] ‘Raw Meat’ we started eating all this liver sashimi," Lips singer Cole Alexander explained. "Then we all started getting sick from it. Mark had to go to hospital because his fever was so high. His brain was cooking, man."

"I thought maybe I was hungover or something," Ronson reported. "Then I started shivering uncontrollably. The next thing, the band are putting all these blankets over me. I wake up an hour later , just f—ing moaning and groaning.

"When I was there I was diagnosed with something with a lot of syllables in it. I almost died. But I don’t think it was intentional on their part."