Florida to Halle Berry’s fiancé: clean up your restaurant

Celebrities who witness their ex-and-current partners in a fight can expect additional scrutiny from the paparazzi.

Gossip Extra jumps into the Halle Berry fray by reporting current boyfriend Olivier Martinez is a partner in a Miami Beach restaurant.

According to records, Villa Azur on 23rd Street received a routine check Nov. 16.

Among the critical: violations: fish served raw without having undergone parasite destruction; food thawing in standing water; cutting boards on the floor; food stored on the floor; staff handling ready-to-eat food without gloves.

Whole Foods sued by feds for firing Miami Beach poop leak whistle blower

On Nov. 1, 2009, the smell in the Miami Beach Whole Foods super-stinky cheese aisle reached a new level of pungency as raw sewage covered the floor.

Despite the efforts of Whole Foods management to view the situation through rose-scented glasses, and a lot of air freshener, raw sewage is neither an aromatic nor safety enhancement.

Miami New Times Blogs reported at the time that an unnamed employee said after brown-colored and rank smelling water flooded the cheese aisle she discovered that a sewage line had broken. After local management decided to just lock the bathroom doors and cover the mess with air spray, she reported the incident to corporate management.

She got fired.

Now, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration is suing the chain for firing the employee.

OSHA is asking the federal court to remedy the situation by issuing an order that includes a permanent injunction against Whole Foods to prevent future violations of this law; reinstating the former employee with full benefits; paying back wages, punitive damages and compensatory damages to the employee; expunging the employee’s personnel file with respect to the matters at issue in this case; and granting any other appropriate relief.

Obama dines at critically filthy Miami restaurant

President Barack Obama got a sandwich at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Miami last week, which was slapped with 26 restaurant violations for all types of uncleanliness by a state inspector on Monday.

The restaurant inspection comes less than a week after Obama made his to-go order of two corned beef sandwiches on rye.

An inspector stopped the sale of cooked meatballs after he found raw meat sitting out in the open in unsafe temperatures. Employees were also seen handling meat and bread without gloves and without washing their hands properly.

Miami chef cooked while sick with typhoid fever

NBC Miami reports the Miami-Dade Health Department said Wednesday a cook at the Bayside Chili’s has a confirmed case of typhoid fever and likely prepared food for some time before it was finally diagnosed.

Every employee at the Chili’s is being examined to see if the disease was spread to them, but there may not be any way to get to the hundreds of people who may have consumed food prepared by the contaminated cook.

The restaurant is still open for business.

Typhoid fever is caused by Salmonella Typhi, a bacteria that can be passed on by eating or drinking something prepared by someone with the illness. It’s usually treatable by antibiotics.

1 dead, 2 sick in Florida after drinking contaminated hotel water

A Miami hotel has been evacuated after 1 guest died and 2 more fell ill from drinking contaminated water.

The hotel in question here is the Luxury Epic Hotel in downtown Miami, home to more than 300 guests at the time of the evacuation.

On Sunday, all guests were relocated to surrounding hotels, following the discovery of the cluster of cases of people falling ill.

It is yet to be confirmed that there was Legionella bacteria in water at the hotel, but health officials are confident that this indeed is the problem.

The fatality was reported in a man who stayed at the hotel 3 months ago, and was recently just learned of by health officials.