Sweden: Mouse pies on fallow sausage in school kitchen—high levels of E. coli

One morning when today’s school lunch was to be cooked at the Torskolan in Torsås, the staff discovered that the falu sausage that would have been cooked was covered with musbajs.

The school called me and told me that something similar to rodent spilling was found on the fallow basket. We then contacted the company from which we buy the sausage, which immediately withdrew it, says Gustaf Nilsson, environmental inspector at Torsås Municipality.

The planned sausage lunch was quickly replaced with soup and a detective work has been underway to find out where the mice have come in.

“I don’t know where they managed to get in, but before it came to school, the sausage was both at a factory and at a transhipment center. However, it is unlikely that it happened at school. The staff has detailed their routines there.

Gustaf Nilsson says he has not been to anything like it before.

“After all, the routines have failed and it is very unfortunate that this has happened. However, the staff at Torskolan did everything right to discover the pellet before starting to cook.”

Samples taken on the sausage show high levels of E. coli, ie some form of stool. The suspicion is that it comes from forest mice.