10 family members sick with Salmonella in Israel: Probably raw egg mousse

The Yeshiva World reports that 10 family members, adults and children, visited the emergency room of Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak on Monday, 7 Teves, presenting with severe intestinal illness. Three of them were hospitalized in the pediatric ward. The illness began after eating homemade mousse prepared from raw eggs.

The microbiological laboratory at the hospital identified the suspicious growth as salmonella and tomorrow, Tuesday, the suspicions of doctors will be confirmed. For the time being, the family is ill and suffering.

Raw egg in mousse, cows hazards to NZ health

Chocolate mousse cake made with raw egg whites sickened 21 people in two different groups in Sept. and Oct. in the Timaru district of New Zealand.

Another 21 cases of campylobacter were recorded in South Canterbury and 28 cases of cryptosporidiosis in the same time period, according to medical officer of health Dr Daniel Williams.

The Timaru Herald cited Dr. Williams as saying, "Many of these cases are people who live in rural areas and are associated with the dairy industry. Cryptosporidium is a microscopic parasite found in the gut of many animals both wild and domestic. People become infected when the parasites are swallowed. This may be from contaminated water or more usually from direct contact with infected animals. … Toddlers on farms are particularly at risk. Although it can be difficult, children should be supervised to prevent them swallowing infected material. The best protection for people who are in close contact with animals is thorough hand washing using plenty of soap, cleaning under finger nails, rinsing hands and drying on a clean towel."