Real World cast member needs to wash his hands

I watch MTV. I have watched every season of the Real World since I can remember. Partly because I have a strong opinion on how MTV was the first television station to do reality shows, but mostly because I love the idiotic drama, which includes, but is not limited to drunken nights, roommate fights, and hook-ups. This season’s cast is living in Cancun, Mexico.

On last night’s episode, something really caught my attention. It was not the bisexual tendency between Ayiiia and Emily or the outing to Isla Mujeras where they swam with dolphins and sharks. It was when Derek urinated in the bushes (shown below, middle, about 60 seconds after action). He did not wash his hands after. And, yes, there is no sink behind random trees and shrubs, but just as a reminder, wash your hands, regardless of where you are.