Fancy food ain’t safe food: Listeria in UK goat’s milk cheese edition

According to the Mirror, a top artisan cheesemaker has been forced to recall a batch of goat’s cheese after staff discovered potentially deadly bacteria in the product.

Neal's Yard DairyNeal’s Yard Dairy, which is considered the forerunner of the British wholefood movement, discovered listeria in its Hay on Wye goats cheese during routine testing.

According to the Food Standard Agency (FSA) listeria monocytogenes can cause flu-like symptoms and can even lead to deadly meningitis.

FSA inspectors were alerted to the bacteria in the unpasteurised product by staff at the Neal’s Yard Creamery cheesemaking side of the business.

Described as London’s foremost cheese store, Neal’s Yard Dairy was founded in 1979 by Nick Saunders and Randolph Hodgson as a cheesemaker’s shop.

One of their first customers to the new store was Monty Python comedian John Cleese.

As a result of the tainted cheese, Neal’s Yard Creamery recalled all the Hay on Wye range and put up signs in all stores and market stalls that were supplied with the affected product.

The tainted batch was discovered when the cheesmaking side of the business, Neal’s Yard Creamery, tested its own products produced in Herefordshire.

Around 66 affected cheeses were found to have been sold to customers and the company recalled the products on May 20, before the Food Standards Agency official told them to do so today.