147 sick; Salmonella seemingly everywhere in North Jordan restaurant

(from ProMed)

The results of the examination of samples from cases of foodborne illness caused by salmonellosis were linked to consumption of chickpeas (garbanzo beans) in a local restaurant, according to an article [in Al Ra’i, a Jordan newspaper]. The Director of Health, Dr Haider Otoum Irbid, stated vomitthat the results of laboratory tests of samples processed by the laboratories of the Ministry of Health Foundation Food and Drug Administration revealed _Salmonella_ in the chickpeas had caused illness that affected 147 people in the town.

Dr Otoum revealed also that the water tank used by the restaurant owner had been contaminated; this appears to have been the source of drinking water and not the [official] regional water network in the region, which has been proven to be safe for drinking.

Dr Otoum added that the restaurant owner himself was infected with
Salmonella_, which he transferred to the food that he was serving.