Inspectors find roaches, mold at Ocha Cuisine in Vegas

The owner of Ocha Thai Chinese Cuisine says her employees better know why Contact 13 showed up. She welcomed our visit and was straight up with us about the downtown restaurant’s recent health inspection.

The inspection resulted in a 48-demerit closure, which she partly blames on nervous employees.

But nervous employees doesn’t explain the multi-generational roaches that Ocha Thai Chinese Cuisineinspectors found under the sink in the kitchen and behind the work station.

Inspectors also found raw pork, cabbage, egg rolls, noodles, eggs, rice, bean sprouts and more that had to be thrown out because they were being held at unsafe temperatures.

One employee’s hair net was clearly not on the employee’s head. Instead, it was stored next to clean dishes. And utensils and the container that they were stored in were caked with excessive, dried-food debris.

Inspectors also found pink mold in the ice machine.

Ocha has since been re-inspected and re-opened with an “A” grade, which they say that they intend to keep.