Portland, I’m about to be in you; get rid of your Salmonella

I’m all caught up on my Portlandia viewing, I’ve got my beard trimmed and my suspenders packed.

I’m even going to bring my mason jars to drink out of.

I’m ready for IAFP in Portland.

Maybe the conference karma will be better for the food safety nerds than it was for attendees of the Open Source Bridge Conference. According to conference organizers, health authorities at least 50 attendees of the developers conference came away with salmonellosis.


We have determined that Salmonella caused gastrointestinal illness among conference attendees. Laboratory tests helped investigators identify a distinct Salmonella strain (Salmonella typhimurium) in six attendees who became ill between June 26th and June 30th. In addition to these six cases, 45 other people reported having symptoms consistent with Salmonellosis. They were among more than 220 conference attendees who responded to a Health Department survey that conference organizers shared last week.

The Health Department is continuing its investigation to identify the source of the bacteria that caused the illness. There is no indication that this outbreak spread beyond people connected to the conference. We are monitoring illness in Oregon to assure this is the case.