Over 100 sickened at Kansas dinner theatre in Jan.

Beginning with the Jan. 17, 2016 performance at the Overland Park New Theatre dinner theatre, people began complaining of illness. Hundreds of people say they got sick after attending a Johnson County dinner theater in January. Now months later, Abby Eden of FOX 4 has obtained the final report detailing the investigation by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment into what happened.

New-Theater-Restaurant-in-Overland-Park-The report shows the norovirus could have been spread by employees who were already sick- and handling food like the bread, salad, and ranch dressing. The C. perfrigens was found to be associated with the poppyseed dressing and burnt ends- improper temperature settings may have led to that bacteria spreading.

However, the report doesn`t rule out the possibility that a patron brought in the norovirus and spread it through going through the buffet line.

‘Food safety is very very important’ 390 sick after attending Kansas dinner theater

Nearly 400 people have reported feeling ill after recently dining at a suburban Kansas City dinner theater, with some testing positive for norovirus, health officials said on Thursday.

norovirus-2The diners who fell ill had eaten at the New Theatre Restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas since Jan. 15, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment said in a news release.

 “Food safety is very important to us,” said theater vice president Rob McGraw. “We are inspected regularly and it is very, very important to us.”

According to the Department of Agriculture, a follow-up inspection at the theater three days after the outbreak found nine violations, including an employee who handed a tray of raw chicken with gloved hands and then handled a pan of fried chicken.


Fancy food ain’t safe food, over 100 sickened: Overland Park dinner theater edition

Ah, Overland Park, the Richie Rich part of Kansas City.

Given that norovirus has about a six-hour onset, maybe those rich folk should demand a quicker public notification than 10 days, with over 100 people sick.

New Theater Restaurant in Overland ParkThe Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment are looking into an outbreak of norovirus infection among people who became ill after attending a performance at the New Theater Restaurant in Overland Park earlier this month.

More than 100 people who attended one of the two performances on Jan. 17 have reported illnesses, and four have laboratory specimens to confirm norovirus.