Nosestretcher alert: CNN don’t know crap about food safety

CNN was at least bearable in the morning when newscaster J.D. ‘John’ Roberts was picking tunes to accompany stories, building on his early VJ years at Toronto’s MuchMusic.

Today, Atlanta’s Cable News Network has descended into a ridicule-worthy target, no better than Fox.

In a piece about the stomach flu, Kate Rope of Parenting magazine, who is apparently stuck in the 1950s, says that food poisoning “usually hits pretty quickly after eating the food in question (did Chloe have potato salad at that afternoon’s picnic? Did Ben scarf down the rest of the tuna sandwich that had been sitting on the counter for a few hours?). Though it may come with fever, it often doesn’t, and it usually goes away pretty quickly.”

Tell that to the 26 dead folks who wanted some cantaloupe and got listeria – which can take weeks to develop.