Health officials close hipster Seattle pizzeria

Veraci at the Ballard Farmers Market was named as one of the best pizza joints in Seattle earlier this year.

Now it’s been closed, by public health officials who found food at unsafe temperatures and employees not washing hands. The business was also cited for a lack of available hand-washing facilities.

Pearl Jam sucks.

Pearl Jam guitar player Mike McCready loves restroom access

I love Pearl Jam — Two of their albums (Ten and Vitalogy) definitely make my top 5 favorite albums. They are my guilty pleasure (the band I’m not too sure I want to tell folks I love because it might reduce my coolness factor).

It’s a stretch, but Pearl Jam provides some barfblog material today:

According to 93X Rocks, a public-access-to-restrooms law, that Pearl Jam guitar player Mike McCready has been lobbying for, was signed into law yesterday.

The guitarist, who suffers from Crohn’s Disease, testified before the Washington State legislature in favor of a bill that would allow people suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases to use business restrooms. The bill singed into law yesterday has that provision, and also requires businesses to allow any customer to use an employee restroom if three or more employees are working at the time and the request doesn’t pose a security risk.

Yeah for Pearl Jam, the pooping activist band. Hope those restrooms will also have to be stocked with the tools needed for proper handwashing.