Thirty ill after Peterborough school’s turkey lunch

Peterborough (that’s in Ontario, Canada) is the closest city to where I grew up.

It’s where the local CBC station (which included some excellent programming, see below) was housed; was home of the closest Walmart; and where the Petes play.

And in December a local elementary school had a Salmonella outbreak that was linked to a high school culinary program.ph_youth12 reports that 30 students, staff and parents fell ill following a turkey lunch prepared by Kenner Collegiate Vocational Institute students, although the specifics of what caused the illness haven’t been identified.

According to Peterborough’s medical officer of health, Dr. Rosana Pellizzari, there must have been some kind of cross-contamination during the meal preparation process by Kenner Collegiate Vocational Institute’s culinary program students. But she says there are no food samples left over, so it’s hard to tell exactly what led to the outbreak.

“We have no smoking gun,” she says.

In all, 270 people ate at the turkey luncheon on Dec. 4.

Dr. Pellizzari says the health unit was first informed of the situation when a call came in from the mother of child who ate the lunch who had become ill.

The health unit then asked for a list of students who’d been away from school in the days following the lunch.

According to Dr. Pellizzari, many of the student who were sick were complaining of gastrointestinal issues.

“We were able to identify that many (people) were made ill by salmonella, a bacteria that’s commonly found in turkey,” she says.

Dr. Pellizzari says no major infractions were found, although the health unit did make some recommendations, all of which have since been implemented at the school.

An health unit inspector also went to another dinner with Kenner culinary students.

Cooking for a large crowd can certainly lead to cross-contamination issues. Maybe the students washed the turkey before cooking. I wonder if thermometers were used by the students (and what temp the turkey was cooked to). Frank Bryan and colleagues would have had the students recreate the day and observed everything.




Eight-year-old UK girl’s health ordeal after E. coli infection

Eight-year-old Daisy Blakemore-Creedon, of St James’ Avenue, New England, underwent surgery and needed blood transfusion and dialysis after contracting E. coli O157, according to the Peterborough Telegraph.

She was rushed to Peterborough City Hospital after being violently sick and suffering with bloody diarrhea and fever.

Mum Hannah and dad Craig say their daughter spent four days in hospital and had seemed to get better.

She was released but no sooner had she left hospital when the sickness and stomach pains returned.

“We were also told that she might need a kidney transplant in the future, that she will have to see a doctor each month and there is a real risk of kidney failure in later life.’’

Mrs Blakemore added, “The experience has left her very distressed.”

Daisy’s ordeal began shortly after she returned from a visit to Sacrewell Country Farm at Thornhaugh, on March 16.

A spokeswoman for Peterborough City Hospital said, “We can confirm that there have been four cases of this particular strain that the hospital has diagnosed.”

Ontario restaurant closed after Salmonella outbreak

A Peterborough restaurant is closed as health officials investigate an outbreak of lab-confirmed cases of salmonella.

The Peterborough County-City Health Unit wants to speak with anyone who became ill with symptoms consistent with salmonella
after eating at Ming’s Restaurant at 554 Lansdowne St. W. on or after Nov. 27.

The health unit is seeking this information to prevent the spread of illness to others.