Is food service in sporting stadiums, or anywhere, really doing everything to reduce risk of foodborne illness?

In the aftermath of the ESPN reports on less-than-desirable conditions at stadium and arena eateries across North American, spokesthingy John Althardt of Lucas Oil Stadium – that’s where Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts play – told WIBC,

"Everything is being done to ensure that the events and the food service at Lucas Oil Stadium are all what we expect them to be, and we’ll continue to do so."

Are they really doing everything? Are they using new food messages and new media to really establish a culture of food safety amongst all employees? Are they posting food safety infosheets in common employee areas? Are they creating a system of rewards for good food safety behavior, telling sick employees to stay home from work, and that food accidentally mishandled is thrown out?

Walk the talk, Althardt.