German man sentenced to over 12 years in jail for baby food poisoning

A man who contaminated baby food in Germany has been sent to jail for 12-and-a-half years.

Gavin Grey of Eyewitness News reports the 54-year-old had attempted to blackmail retailers by claiming he would point out the poisoned items in return for cash.

He targeted shops in a southern German city.

In court, he admitted placing poisoned jars of adult and baby food in supermarkets and trying to blackmail the owners.

The contaminated jars contained ethylene glycol which is an odourless and toxic liquid used in antifreeze.

Prosecutors said some of the foods contained enough of the poison to kill a child and he was found guilty of five counts of attempted murder.

He was also found guilty of extortion, sending threatening emails to the stores demanding R200 million.

The court heard it was a matter of luck no child had been hurt.