Dookie on show: Museum devoted to poo opens in the UK

The Isle of Wight Zoo is opening a museum on Friday devoted to poo.

poo@thezooA spokeswoman said, “It’s stinky, unpleasant and sometimes dangerous stuff — but it’s all around us and inside us too — and perhaps surprisingly our planet would be a much poorer place without it.”

The National Poo Museum “is set to be the place to immerse oneself in the wonder of excrement while finding out lots of extraordinary nuggets of information about all things poo-y, kids will love it,” the spokeswoman said.

The museum features relics such as freeze-dried poo, poop hanging from the ceiling and poop from various different species like meerkats, foxes, cows, owls and even human babies, says Mashable. There is also a 38 million-year-old fecal specimen.