Restaurant tables are not for potty training

A Utah mother channeling Brittney Spears was caught potty training her two daughters at the dining table of a Utah restaurant.

Kimberly Decker posted on her blog this week a photo of a toddler sitting on a potty training toilet at the Thanksgiving Point Deli in Lehi.

“While we sat down to have lunch, I noticed this young Mother was potty training her two twin daughters at the table. It didn’t quite register at first what was happening, but when I took a second glance I realized this is NOT OK! I decided to snap a picture of the whole incident and then later that afternoon as a ‘joke’ I decided to post it on Facebook. I couldn’t believe the response I got,” she wrote.

A local television station picked up the story, and Decker explained how she initially thought the “seats” the kids were sitting in were booster seats. She was stunned when she realized they were actually toilets.

“She had to undo the jumpsuits, and take them all the way down so they were completely nude, with the jumpsuits down to their ankles just eating their chicken nuggets, sitting on little toddler potties,” Decker explained to KSL-TV.

Spears was once caught changing one of her child’s diapers on a restaurant table.

Erica Brown, a spokeswoman for Thanksgiving Point Deli, told the station that they received several complaints over the incident.

“I think state and local health codes were probably an issue, as well as just social norms,” Brown told KSL.

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Putt while you poop – for those who take forever

When Chapman first got a blackberry, he e-mailed me and proudly proclaimed, “I’m in the bathroom” (but not exactly like that).

Others I know spend hours on the toilet with their iPhones. Me, I just take my computer – need that full keyboard.

But for others looking to while away the time and improve their golf game, then this may be for you.

It’s the Potty Putter.

There’s also the bizarrely named, Tea Time Toilet Potty Puter, “for that person in your life that takes their time” and the “Piddle Poop n Putt – Potty Putter."