Floating barf-o-rama: Golden Princess docks in Melbourne following gastro outbreak

Hundreds of travelers struck down by gastro on a south pacific cruise have docked in Melbourne.

vomit cruisePassengers on the Princess Cruises’ Golden Princess were grateful to hit dry land today, after the 14-day cruise of Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

The outbreak comes a month after 158 Sydney-bound passengers became sick on sister ship ­Diamond Princess.

Kerry McNamara from Barwon Heads said she managed to escape a bout of gastro — with sick passengers quarantine in their rooms — but was hit with the flu.

She estimated that the number of people ill could have hit 300.

 “At one stage one of my roommates vomited on her bed and it took three hours to get the sheets changed.”

An elderly man also died of natural causes while on the cruise.

Mrs McNamara said passengers became concerned when “stretcher calls” were made across the 14 days.

Princess Cruises spokesman David Jones refused to release how many passengers had become sick.