Memories of Guelph: Don’t kiss toilets

Guest barfblogger Don Schaffner sent Doug and I the below picture from one of his favorite blogs,  blame it on the voices. The picture, likely staged, reminded me of something similar I had seen before my food safety geekdom. 

During my first couple of years of university, I used to go to Retro Wednesdays at the Trasheteria, an-aptly named bar next to Sun-Sun’s in downtown Guelph. There wasn’t any Journey or Foreigner played — it was early nineties retro with the Beastie Boys and Rob Base, with some Nine Inch Nails mixed in.  Pretty much the same stuff I still listen too.

One of those Wednesday nights, I hit the restroom and saw what I think was a lipstick mark, akin to the Rolling Stones logo, on the lip of the toilet. I returned to my table and sent a couple of my friends in to confirm.  I hadn’t really thought of it until Don sent the pic, but maybe we need a "Don’t kiss toilets" website.