Olive Garden 911 call: Ricky Smith accused of sexual innuendo in ‘racist’ incident

Everyone’s got a camera.

ricky-smith-comedianI don’t know who Ricky Smith is but I like his fashion.

An Olive Garden employee called 911 on comedian Ricky Smith and his friends, and blasted them for allegedly sexually harassing their server and trying to buy alcohol for minors.

TMZ obtained the audio … the caller asks for police backup because Smith’s group was being “rowdy” and yelling “racist comments” at the female manager. The caller gave her account of what started the ruckus.

But her version was totally different from what Ricky told us — that everyone in his party was over 23, showed their IDs, never raised their voices and never made sexual or racial comments.

When did the drinking age become 23? And who is Ricky Smith?