Nothing about choosing wisely: USDA sings Katy Perry to promote food safety

As millions of Americans prepare to eat takeout on Super Bowl Sunday, the Agriculture Department is turning to the game’s half-time entertainment to help promote food safety.

katy_perry_roarIn a blog titled “Hot N Cold”: A Katy Perry Guide for Food Safe Take-Out” the USDA embedded lyrics from some of the pop star’s hits to help get its message out to the 48 million people eating takeout and delivered food during the Super Bowl Feb. 1.

“When you hear your guests’ stomachs ‘ROAR,’ it’s time to order take out,” the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service said, referring to “Roar,” one of Perry’s hit singles. “Avoid having your guests calling the doctor for food poisoning by following these quick tips for food-safe takeout.”

The USDA used one of Perry’s early hits, “Hot N Cold,” to remind consumers how to handle cold and hot foods to avoid food poisoning.

Perry is to perform during half time of the Super Bowl game between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots (if they’re still there after ballgate).