It’s the craziest f**king thing I ever heard; red pepper and seafood edition

My friend J.P. is probably unemployed since the fruit and veg shop I used to frequent mysteriously closed its doors a couple of weeks ago.

red.pepper.1.cent.jun.14This is how tough it is living in Brisbane, the Tampa of Australia:

The red peppers were selling for $0.01 each Sat. morning at another fruit and veg shop.

I bought 20.

That’s $0.20 of red peppers roasting on the grill.

Also got some Knobby snapper for dinner with our friends, as well as some shrimp and tuna.

It doesn’t suck to live in Brisbane.



Gratuitous food porn shot of the day – roasted chicken with garlic sage stuffing

Sorenne eating dinner with dad, Oct. 3, 2009.

Take whole chicken, stuff with 30 cloves garlic, sage and bread crumbs (I use whole wheat leftovers in the freezer).

Serve the roasted garlic with brie cheese on French bread.

Make stock and soup with the bones and leftovers.

A weekly ritual.