Tennis star Federer’s weakness might have been an illness

"I thought I had mono when I was a teenager but it turns out I was just really bored."

One of my favorite lines from Wayne’s World, if only because it was so apt: I had mononucleosis when I was 17, and would sleep for hours on end, but maybe I was just really bored.

That probably doesn’t apply to Roger Federer, 26.

Last month, after falling ill for the third time in six weeks, he had extensive tests in his native Switzerland and in Dubai, where he lives part time. According to Federer, the conclusion was that he had contracted mononucleosis.

Federer had already said he experienced food poisoning before the Australian Open, which he said disrupted his preparation for that tournament.

But Federer, who complained of feeling sluggish during the Open, said it appeared that the mononucleosis was the more serious issue.

Mike Myers can empathize.