Hamburgers linked to food poisoning at Senegal uni

Hamburgers appear to be the link to a food poisoning outbreak at Ecole Polytechnique Thies (EFA) in Senegal.

A day after the meal, engineering students began to suffer from severe vomiting accompanied by diarrhea. A large number of students were treated in the infirmary.

And that’s all the info there is (use a thermometer, regardless).

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Gratuitous food porn shot of the day – Xmas eve edition

Christmas Eve dinner in Manhattan with a couple of Kansas State modern languages graduate students from Senegal (they speak French there).

Oven-roasted French-cut lamb ribs – cooked to 140F but still needed a quick zap in the microwave to bring out the flavor — with roasted herb-garlic potatoes, Frenchy cheese, whole grain bread and salad.