E. coli outbreak in Hawaii

I’ve flown so much recently all the movies are ones I’ve seen. So I rewatched The Descendants, with George Clooney, part of a series of pretty good movies by Alexander Payne that includes (the highly underrated) Election, About Schmidt, and Sideways.

The opening is something like, Just because I’m living in Hawaii I still have 1512_sideways_wideweb__430x267all the same problems as mainlanders.

Same applies to me in Brisbane.

But I think all movies are about me.

At least I don’t have (the dangerous kind of) E. coli.

Bacteria don’t care where you live.

And perhaps I’ll be judged as more communicative with kids, with the five daughters, than George Clooney, with none in real life.

State epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park, told  KITV, “There is something going on.”

Over the past month, six patients (five children and an elderly resident) tested positive for the sickening strain of E. coli.

Three of those cases were severe enough the patients had to be hospitalized. Two of those patients then developed a potentially life-threatening complication.

According to the state’s letter, no source has yet been identified for this current cluster.