Skating, seafood and the Queen’s swan found barbecued on riverbank

My mother and 20-year-old daughter Braunwynn began their trek back to Canada this morning. Braunwynn says she doesn’t know how she’ll ever eat seafood again in Ontario after the Brisbane indulgence.

We went skating, because Braunwynn had to teach Sorenne that princesses can wear hockey skates (it was B’s idea) and B kicked all the boys in the skating races and won. braun.sorenne.skate.sept.13The Aussies had never seen quite a thing.

We also ate kangaroo burgers. I temped them to 165F.

One country’s cultural norm is another’s ick factor.

But it’s sorta creepy that British police are investigating the killing and apparent barbecuing of one of Queen Elizabeth’s swans.

The bird was butchered, burnt and stripped of its flesh before the carcass was dumped on a riverbank near Windsor Castle, west of London, police and an animal charity said on Wednesday.

“It was done neatly, presumably to get at the meat.” 

All wild mute swans in Britain are considered the property of the crown and it is an offence to kill one.