17K fine; UK hog roast company fined over smelly slime covered decaying meat at Boardmasters

A hog roast company from London has pleaded guilty at Truro Magistrates Court to selling unfit meat at the Boardmasters event in August 2012 and has been ordered to pay a fine of £6,750, costs of £10,418.40 and £120 victim surcharge.

pig-ready-on-spitOfficers from Cornwall Council’s food and safety team discovered five pig carcasses in the trailer belonging to Rainha Santa Portuguese Foods Ltd, a company based at 39 Mahatma Gandhi Industrial Estate, Milkwood Road, London SE24 0JF, that were in a “state of decay”.

A further carcass was being cooked on the spit at the time of the inspection. It later transpired that the pigs had been transported to Cornwall without adequate refrigeration and this is likely to have been an influencing factor to the smell and slime observed when the officers inspected the carcasses and immediately removed them from sale.

Chicago Cubs suck at baseball; Wrigley Field sucks at food

Pam Zekman of WBBM-TV Chicago reports nine of the 35 concession stands at Wrigley Field faced critical violations after inspectors found things such as black slime in an ice machine, food that wasn’t prepared properly and other food safety and handling violations.

Zekman reports that the city’s health department had conducted inspections when games weren’t played at Wrigley Field and other ballparks and arenas. Now they do inspections on event days.

A total of 20 critical violations were found at nine booths, three that were shut down. City inspection results resulted in more than 24 pounds of hot dogs, sausages and hamburgers being thrown out from five different concession areas.

“It’s extremely important because it is while the concession stand is working and serving customers that all the rules about food safety, food handling, are even more important,” food safety expert Kantha Shelke told Zekman.

Inspections reveal the slime at Oshkosh restaurants

There’s a slime epidemic in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It builds up on nozzles of soda guns. It’s on the cups that hold soda guns. It’s on ice machines and ice bins. And chances are it’s been found in your favorite tavern or restaurant.

The Oshkosh Northwestern reports that inspectors for the Oshkosh Health Department found the gooey slime that when soda, juice and other beverages builds up over time in more than 10 percent of their 424 inspections of restaurants, taverns, convenience stores and kitchens between January 2009 and April 2010.

In total, there were 44 incidents of gunk build-up during that time, making it the most cited critical violation discovered by Oshkosh Health Department Sanitarians Sandy Knutson and Ann Boyce in their annual restaurant inspections.

"For the most part, the bacteria in that slime is non-pathenogenic," Knutson said. "It probably won’t make you sick, but it will gross you out. But it’s not as big a health hazard as drains that are not open-sited."

"Sewage on the other hand …," Boyce started.
"… Has a high chance of making you ill," Knutson finished.

In 43 instances, ice bin and ice machine drains were not designed to prevent sewage from backing up into the equipment.