Losing California

That’s the title of one of my favorite Sloan songs off their best album, 1999’s Between the Bridges, all about the Nova Scotian’s band rise to obscurity in California and deciding to stay in Canada (and featured ever-so briefly as one of the albums the cool kids try to steal from John Cusack’s Championship Vinyl in one of my all-time top-five movies, High Fidelity).

I understand. Sloan bassist Chris Murphy plays hockey in Toronto. My girls used to listen to Losing California as part of their pre-game ritual to get pumped up. They even met Chris and Patrick from Sloan during one of their Guelph concerts. I miss the hockey.

But I don’t miss the cold. So Amy and I are off for a weekend of beach strolling in Los Angeles, after I deliver a talk to the California Food Protection Association annual meeting on Friday.

They’re Losing California. Inch by inch, sit back and watch it go.