Teens recorded spitting into soda bottles, placing them back in store fridge

The New York Post reports teens from Indiana were recorded spitting into soda bottles, then returning the drinks to a store refrigerator, according to a report.

Video footage of the cringe-worthy incident was posted online and shared by Indianapolis resident Brittney Edwards with the hopes of catching the soda spitters, according to WTHR.

“I don’t know what’s in kids’ minds these days, but that’s not right at all,” Edwards told the station.

Spitting leads to F at Colorado restaurant

A Wheat Ridge grill earned an “F” on Restaurant Report Card for where an employee was spitting.

spitting.restaurantLong Shots Bar & Grill failed for 16 critical health code violations marked during two unannounced inspections in October and April.

The violations in October included, “Bottle of liquor at the bar contained fruit flies, employee observed to rinse mouth and spit in the food preparation sink” and “employees observed to be eating in the kitchen.” The inspector also noted, “Food preparation employees observed to repeat the same critical violations on numerous routine inspections.”

Long Shots sent us a statement that said in part, “Since the noted violations, we have revised our current training protocol and implemented a new training regimen. This regimen will be strictly enforced. We are confident that the procedures implemented will not only correct any violations seen in the past, but will undoubtedly prevent any reoccurrences.” The restaurant, located at 4400 Ward Road, passed a follow up inspection in October.