Muscle Milk recalled for premature spoilage

Who writes like this? PR thingies.

muscle.milkOut of an abundance of caution and with an emphasis on its customers’ wellness and safety, HP Hood LLC is voluntarily recalling certain code dates of protein drinks from its Sacramento, CA, facility, due to the potential for premature product spoilage.

HP Hood is voluntarily recalling specific products after identifying a possible packaging defect that may result in product spoilage during transport and handling. Consumers may notice that, in some cases, the packaging is bloated and product inside may have an off taste or odor. Consumers should not use the product, since it does not meet its high quality standards.

The recalled products are limited to plastic bottles of 14 oz. and 10 oz. MUSCLE MILK® Genuine, MUSCLE MILK® Pro Series, MUSCLE MILK® 100 Calorie, with Best By dates of November 21, 2016 through May 23, 2017, with an “HS” in the code date. This recall applies only to the products listed. The Best By and code dates are printed on the top of the lid of single serve bottles.

No confirmed reports have been received of any consumer illness nor injuries to date.

Common sense is only common if you’ve thought of it: NY Times food safety fail

Common sense should prevail. If food has been sitting in the back of the fridge for weeks, if it’s slimy or smells funky, get rid of it. As the saying goes: If in doubt, throw it out.

quote-common-sense-is-the-collection-of-prejudices-acquired-by-age-eighteen-albert-einstein-56324That’s the best the New York Times can do on guidelines for when food goes bad.

They offer the standard guidelines and buy into to we waste food philosophy (I compost).

  • A “sell by” date indicates how long a store should display a product on its shelves. Foods can still be tasty and are safe for several days longer if stored properly.
  • A “use by” or “best if used by” date comes from the manufacturer and refers to taste and texture, not safety.
  • An “expiration” date is the only packaging date related to food safety. If this date has passed, throw the food out.

Bob Gravani, a professor of food science at Cornell University added some knowledge to the article by saying that looking closely at food isn’t a good way to check for spoilage, because bacteria are largely invisible.

190 kinds of rotting food found at pub

Environmental health officials found 190 items of "mouldy, slimy, putrescent or expired foodstuffs" and immediately closed the Rose and Crown pub in Thaxted, Essex, U.K. after a surprise inspection on Dec. 9, 2008.

Work surfaces and utensils were smothered in thick grease, floors littered with rotting detritus and fridges covered in mould and dozens of dirty food containers (right, photo from The Telegraph).

The kitchen did not even have any running hot running water meaning staff could not wash up or clean their hands properly.

Inspectors found the owner was still preparing food in the rancid conditions.

The owner of the pub, Nicholas Marchetto, pleaded guilty to 23 food and hygiene offences at Harlow Magistrates’ Court.

He was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay another £1,000 towards the council’s costs.