Clooney and Keibler felled by food poisoning in Italy

I’m a big George Clooney fan. It’s related to his coolness as Batman and Danny Ocean. It seems like he never makes a bad movie (except for The American). After a week traveling with the kids, Dani and I watched The Descendants, a Clooney movie we had been saving for a while.

George was at his best; the movie was pretty great.

According to Clooney and his ex-wrestler and prolific tweeter girlfriend Stacy Keibler were not at their best earlier this week in Italy after dealing with what has been reported as food poisoning.

The couple, who were vacationing at Clooney’s Lake Como home, fell sick after a meal in Cernobbio though the manager of the restaurant in question denies all responsibility.

A source told that both Clooney and Keibler are now feeling fine after their brief bout of food poisoning.

Nevertheless, the manager of the restaurant is refusing to accept that it was his food that left the table with upset stomachs, claiming they must have gotten food poisoning elsewhere.