2-year-old with E.coli returns to Ohio for treatment

There aren’t many experiences worse than caring for an ill child. In my seven years of fatherhood I’ve only dealt with my kids suffering through a handful norovirus infections, a lacerated gum and a cut requiring 14 stitches.

We’ve been lucky.

I get emotional when I read about others dealing with illnesses that are much scarier.Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.11.12 PM

According to WHIO, Collette Dodson contracted pathogenic E. coli in Ivory Coast where her parents are missionaries.

The 2-year-old’s kidneys stopped functioning and she was unable to urinate for 10 days. Her kidneys are functioning at 50 percent now.

The child was first evacuated to a Paris hotel, but the family returned to the U.S. due Jenna Dodson also being pregnant.

“Coming to Dayton Children’s after spending time in hospitals in Africa and the hospital in Paris was like walking into Disney World,” father Justin Dodson said in a release. “The amenities here go above and beyond, and the staff was willing to drop everything to help our family.”