Over £17Kin fines; mouldy food and filthy conditions at The Thali Indian restaurant shock UK hygiene inspectors

Conditions at a filthy East Yorkshire restaurant have been described as some of the worst that hygiene inspectors had ever seen.

Inspectors visiting The Thali Indian restaurant in Pocklington found mouldy food on counters, no soap for workers to wash their hands and raw and cooked meat kept next to each other.

The Thali Indian restaurant in PocklingtonPoppadums were kept next to rubbish bins and shish kebabs were on a sink connected to an extractor fan.

Owners Syed Muthekin and Mohammed Shofi Ahmed appeared before Beverley Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday to admit seven offences of failing to comply with food hygiene regulations.

They were each fined £8,933.

Prosecutor for East Riding Council Tom Spencer said: “The sink was obstructed by a cooked chicken, while shish kebabs were in contact with the sink hanging from the extractor fan.

“There was no soap or hand dryer for workers to wash their hands and the taps were dirty.”

The inspector also discovered temperature records had not been kept up-to-date, cooked and raw meat had been cross-contaminated and cooked rice was left at a highly dangerous temperature.

Paul Bellotti, the council’s head of housing, transportation and public protection, said: “This restaurant scored zero. They continued to show a complete disregard for their responsibilities.”