Thieves make off with 400 tonnes of corn from Quebec farm

While biking with Sarah yesterday on our ole’ timey cruisers, someone just had to accelerate and get past us because they were in a rush on the island.

They were from Quebec.

That’s the place where people steal 16,000 barrels of maple syrup.

And now, apparently, 400 tonnes of corn.

The farmer who owns the crop estimates the value of the theft at $140,000.

The unidentified farmer says the corn had been stored in silos at the farm located about 130 kilometres northeast of Montreal.

It’s not a lubricant: manhunt following 42 kilo mayo heist

 Who steals mayonnaise?

Who steals 42 kilos of mayo like it’s liquid cocaine.

Police were today conducting a manhunt for thieves who made off with 42kg of mayonnaise from a business in South Australia.

Two 21kg tubs of the condiment went missing from a refrigerated warehouse in Whyalla, about 382km north of Adelaide on Saturday.

Police said they were puzzled over why anyone would want to steal 42kg of mayonnaise.

They urged anyone who heard of people making large quantities of coleslaw or potato salad to notify authorities. 

Steal this movie, don’t steal this beef

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has alerted consumers and food businesses about a theft of a consignment of beef from a Dublin-based meat wholesaler.

Consumers are being urged not to purchase any meat sold from unregistered outlets or unregistered door-to-door sales.

Up to 43 boxes (approx 20-24kg per box) of beef containing prime cuts, rolled rib of beef and knuckle were stolen.

The FSAI said food businesses have a legal obligation to only purchase meat from approved sources after checking all appropriate documentation.

Any break in the cold chain between the time the meat was stolen and when it may be sold could result in a serious health risk to consumers, particularly given the recent hot weather.