‘Pure greed’ UK couple who faked holiday sickness are jailed

A couple have been jailed for making fake holiday sickness claims in a landmark case.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Deborah Briton, 53, and partner Paul Roberts, 43, tried to claim compensation by stating they and their two children had fallen ill on holidays to Majorca in 2015 and 2016.

But the couple’s social media showed posts where they boasted of holidays full of “sun, laughter and fun”, reports the Daily Mail.

Briton sobbed as she was sentenced to nine months in prison after admitting four counts of fraud in the private prosecution, brought by holiday company Thomas Cook.

Roberts, who was sentenced to 15 months after admitting the same offences, cried and shook in the court throughout the hearing.

The court heard the couple, from Wallasey, Wirral, tried to claim nearly £20,000 ($33,800) for the fake gastric illnesses and would have also cost the holiday firm a further £28,000 ($47,323) in legal expenses had their claims been successful.

Sentencing, Judge David Aubrey QC said their claims had been a “complete and utter sham”.

He said the claims, made in August last year, must have required planning and premeditation.

He said: “Why? Pure greed. Seeking to get something for nothing.”

UK holidaymakers sue Thomas Cook after contracting crypto at hotel where staff were seen ‘fishing feces out of the pool’

Qin Xie of the Daily Mail reports a  group of holidaymakers are suing Thomas Cook after they suffered diarrhea and stomach cramps following a stay at a Greek island resort.

caddyshack-pool-poop-1One of the families, who stayed at Marelen Hotel on Zante in August, claimed that they saw staff fishing out fecal matter from the swimming pool before disinfecting it – all while the guests were still in the water.

Several of those filing the suit have allegedly been diagnosed as having contracted Cryptosporidium staying at the hotel.

A total of 17 people are currently involved in the lawsuit and are represented by personal injury lawyers Irwin Mitchell.

26 Brits win huge payout after contracting E. coli on holiday in Egypt

A young mum dad and daughter, who nearly died after contracting E. coli on holiday in Egypt in 2012, are among holidaymakers who have won a massive pay out from Thomas Cook.

sindbad-aqua-park-hotelRoxanne Barraclough was told by doctors that she was lucky to be alive after being admitted to a hospital with excruciating kidney pain following a family break.

Medics confirmed she had contracted deadly E. coli and, if left untreated, her kidneys could have ruptured.

Roxanne, 26, was one of 26 ailing tourists who suffered life-threatening gastric symptoms, after their stays at the Sindbad Aqua Park Hotel, in Hurghada.

Law firm Irwin Mitchell has now secured the group damages in excess of £100,000 from the tour operator to cover the holidaymakers’ pain and suffering and related losses.

Credit controller Roxanne, of Blackpool, Lancs, had noticed chicken sometimes served to guests at the four-star resort was undercooked and stopped eating it.

Just three days into their trip in July 2012, Roxanne, her partner Daniel, 24 and their seven-year-old-daughter Jessica fell ill.

Daniel’s symptoms continued two weeks after the young family returned home, with Jessica suffering for five weeks after the holiday.

sindbad_aqua_park_3On their return Roxanne’s illness became so bad she went for emergency treatment at an A&E department, where she tested positive for E. coli and was quickly transferred to an infection control unit where she spent a week receiving treatment.

Doctors later told her that had she not received urgent medical care both kidneys could have ruptured.

A Thomas Cook spokeswoman apologised and said health and safety was treated with “the utmost importance”.

She added: “We know how important holidays are to our customers and how upsetting it can be when they fall unwell while overseas. We have been liaising closely with the appointed solicitor representing Ms Barraclough, as well as other customers who stayed at the hotel in 2012, and are pleased that we have reached an agreement to resolve this matter amicably with them.”

British holidaymakers take legal action against Thomas Cook after father contracts Salmonella following stay at four-star Turkish resort

A family of five says its four-star holiday to Turkeyd was ruined by illness and one of them tested positive for Salmonella following their return to England.

TC_FC_2007_TURKEYrCheryll Jordan, 45, and her husband Ian, 46 have hired solicitors to investigate the cause of the illness and seek compensation from tour operator Thomas Cook if the hotel is found to be culpable.

The couple travelled with their three children to Hotel Marmaris Palace resort in Dalaman in June this year, expecting 10 days of sun, sea and relaxation.

But the couple say they are angry and upset after they and their seven-year-old son Lewis fell ill with sickness, diarrhoea and abdominal pains a few days into the trip.

It left them confined to their hotel room and still suffering symptoms four months on.

 Bailey, 13, and the couple’s other son Luckas, 5 were the only family members to escape illness. On returning home to Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria, the family saw their GP and Ian was ‘appalled’ to be told he had tested positive for Salmonella.

Playing the numbers, Salmonella-at-Cuban-resort edition

When barfing endlessly, it’s of little comfort to know you represent only 1.5% of possible barfers.

Yet that is the insensitive numbers game tour operators like Thomas Cook continue to play when they confirm 29 cases of “mild illness” reported by guests staying at the Hotel Playa Pesquero in Cuba in the first two weeks of April.

vomit(7)“This represents just 1.5% of the overall hotel population of 1,800,” the operator said.

The operator disputed allegations made by holiday illness compensation specialists Your Holiday Claims that 80% of holidaymakers had fallen ill due to an outbreak of Salmonella at the hotel.

Your Holiday Claims alleged that many British holidaymakers had been taken to hospital during their stay. Many were believed to be on saline drips for severe dehydration after being violently ill, the law firm said.

Cook responded by saying: “We are aware that a statement was recently issued by a no-win, no-fee lawyer.

“This repeated as yet unsubstantiated allegations and we consider this to be deeply irresponsible.”

Brit holidaymaker’s salmonella misery in Bulgaria

A young healthcare worker’s summer holiday was ruined when she fell ill with salmonella poisoning at a Bulgarian hotel – less than a year after four holidaymakers also suffered serious illness at the same resort.

Catherine Lowe, aged 24, travelled to the Laguna Park Hotel in the Sunny Beach area of Bulgaria in June.

But halfway through her 10-night stay she fell ill with diarrhea and sickness after eating at the hotel’s restaurant.

Catherine needed to be hooked up to a drip, and was confined to her room for the rest of her holiday.

She has now instructed lawyers to investigate her case against tour operator Thomas Cook.

The incident follows a similar case in 2011, when four guests fell ill at the Laguna Park with similar symptoms.

Travel agents: if people are barfing at a resort, don’t keep sending more tourists

A 48-year-old teaching assistant from Crayford, and a family from Broadstairs are among more than 500 British tourists who won compensation for a nightmare Caribbean holiday at the Bahia Principe Hotel in the Dominican Republic (below, left) in 2007.

According to media accounts, the holiday companies continued sending guests to the hotel despite a major outbreak of Shigella and Salmonella which lasted for months.

"My husband couldn’t reach the toilet when we were there. I went down to reception to tell them to call a doctor and they said put a nappy on him to take him to the medical centre. … Some people had to have new mattresses because they hadn’t made it to the toilet in time. There were children screaming all over the place and pregnant women."

Tracey Chambers, 43, said,

“People were being sick in the swimming pool and the toilets were all blocked up. Lots of people were being sick. We were told to watch what we ate because there was bug going round. …  My dad had to be put on a drip because he was dehydrated and couldn’t take on enough water. They were charging 40 dollars for a trip to the hospital.”

Other guests were diagnosed with shigella, giardia, salmonella and E coli, thought to have come from food dressings.

A spokesperson for Thomas Cook said,

"We are pleased that the majority of legal cases have now been settled and we want to be able to reassure all our customers that we work with our hotel partners to continually monitor the hygiene standards in their properties."