UK woman who threw vomit over neighbour’s fence sent to prison

A woman who threw vomit over a neighbour’s garden fence and broke glass outside her front door has been sent to prison for 42 days by Truro magistrates.

Susan Karen Northey, aged 42, of Whym Kibbal Court, Wesley Street, Redruth, pursued a course of harassment towards another woman, which also included playing music loud enough to cause her partition wall to shake.

She admitted the offence and also to damaging a black Chevrolet Kalios to the value of £300.

Clean up dog poop or this woman will throw it through your screen

NBC Chicago reports a woman finally had enough after she stepped in her neighbor’s dog’s poop. Again.

Susan Miller first took the offending poop off her shoe, and wiped it on her neighbor’s porch.

Police report that Miller next "threw dog feces at the [dog owner’s] sliding patio screen."

On the grounds was a sign informing dog walkers to pick up after their pets.

Miller reportedly "uprooted it and placed it on the dog owner’s patio."

As if that weren’t enough, the angry woman topped it all off by allegedly placing several small, green plastic bags of dog poo "on various places on the patio," reports the Naperville Sun.