Random inspection finds spoiled meat, dairy on truck for delivery to Grand Buffet, Little Hunan more

The Ohio Department of Food Safety inspected a Cleveland company Friday after its delivery truck was found hauling contaminated food.

Press secretary Samantha Krepps said New Sheng Hung Inc. wasn’t cited after the company agreed to destroy the food. An employee said the manager wasn’t available to comment Friday, The Associated Press reported.

Mahoning Township police in Pennsylvania said a New Sheng Hung truck carrying meat, fish and dairy was stopped Wednesday on Route 224 for an inspection, a news release said.

Police found the refrigeration unit wasn’t working and the food was completely thawed and no longer safe to eat. The temperature was over 60 degrees. The food had been cross-contaminated.

The truck was transporting meat, dairy and vegetable products to Chinese restaurants in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The Cleveland company at the center of this services roughly 500 restaurants in Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Officials said seven more of the New Sheng Hung companies refrigeration trucks were not working and they are not sure how long they have been broken.