Airplane! Oscar: ‘Pretty much everyone on the plane threw up’

Family Guy crooner Seth MacFarlane tweeted about the Academy Awards, which just ended, that until a movie like “Bridesmaids” or “Airplane!” gets a Best Picture win or even a nomination, it’s all conspicuously incomplete. “Get Out” is a breath of fresh air to be sure, but it’s the exception.

I retweeted that I responded to an inquiry today about Salmonella in eggs, wrote that pasteurized eggs are available, and don’t call me Shirley.

(Get Out was a fairly great movie. Airplane! still stands up to repeat viewing).

In honour of Airplane!, CNN is reporting that after making it through a tough patch of turbulence as a plane headed toward Washington Dulles International Airport, the pilot sent a report to the Aviation Weather Center.

The center, which is run by the National Weather Service, swiftly relayed the message to its Twitter followers. It was a report from a pilot that no passenger wants to hear. “Pretty much everyone on the plane threw up,” the tweet said.

The pilot of the flight, which took off in Charlottesville, Virginia, was able to send the message as soon as it got close enough to the ground, said Clinton Wallace, the center’s deputy director.

Later Friday, United Airlines, which operated the flight, offered a slightly less drastic account of what had occurred.

“Air Wisconsin Flight 3833 operating as United Express from Charlottesville, Va. to Washington Dulles International encountered turbulence because of high winds,” United said in a statement. “A few customers onboard the regional jet became ill as the aircraft was preparing to land. The aircraft landed safely and taxied to its gate. No customers required medical attention because of the turbulence.”

According to Air Wisconsin’s website, the aircraft was a Bombardier CRJ200 with a passenger capacity of 50 and a crew of three. It was not clear how many passengers were on the flight.