Over 20 hospitalized; food poisoning hits European U20 woman’s basketball championship in Hungary

lovewomensbasketball.com, which would be a favorite site if it was lovewomenshockey.com, reports that hosting European U20 Championship before hosting EuroBasket is most often done to help the preparation for the big tournament.

It’s a trial by fire for EuroBasket Women 2015 hosts Hungarians who are hosting this year’s European U20 Championship in Division A as there appears to be a food poisoning outbreak in Debrecen among the participants.

According to various reports there were 20 to 22 players hospitalized by yesterday’s morning. Portugal had to play with only 6 players against Turkey as the rest of the team were ill and some of the players who played were under the weather. Serbia were without 4 players. Even the coaches have suffered from the poisoning as Serbian head coach Radenko Varagic had to sign release forms to take full responsibility of his health and be released from hospital in order to coach his team.

Ana Jokovic, vice president in charge of women’s basketball development at the Serbian Basketball Federation, was quoted as saying, P”reliminary results indicate salmonella poisoning, but everything should be determined by Tuesday. In my experience in youth competitions nothing like this has never happened. Organizers have made a huge error and FIBA did not react to this. […] FIBA doesn’t care for all of this, and they will not care while the team has five players to play the game. I really do not want to comment on their behavior. We will file a complaint anyway. I’d just like to thank the girls as a whole who have had the will to play in these moments, and I will not even talk about great results, as they have already done enough.”