‘Something on the bus’ Gastro outbreak at Australian school camp

Whyalla Town Primary School students have been affected by a gastro outbreak while at an Adelaide Hills School Camp yesterday evening.

vomit.2Between 15-20 students were affected, with two girls and one boy taken to the Women’s and Children’s hospital by emergency services.

Close to 60 Year 6 and 7 students from Whyalla Town Primary were attending the four-day camp.

Albury Park principal David Doherty said two of the children were hospitalised because they were not able to keep down anti-vomiting medication and needed fluids, while the other was an asthmatic. 

“I would have to praise the work done by the teachers, under pressure they did a tremendous job at managing the incident,” Mr Doherty said.

Mr Doherty said a bus driver on the camp had also become ill, which could be linked to a possible cause.

“I would be hesistant to say, but it’s possible there was something on that bus which could have contributed,” he said.