Subway vows its footlong will be more than a big 10 inch

Subway customers can finally rest assured that their “Footlong” sandwiches will be as long as promised.

subway.footlongA judge last week granted final approval to a settlement of a class-action suit filed against Subway after an Australian teenager posted an image on Facebook of a sandwich that was a mere 11 inches.

The photo of a turkey sub alongside a tape measure shared by Matt Corby, from Perth, on the company’s Facebook page garnered international media attention back in 2013.

The New York Post found that four out of seven Footlongs it purchased in New York “measured only 11 or 11.5 inches.”

A judge in Wisconsin gave preliminary approval in October to a settlement between Subway’s parent company Doctor’s Associates and plaintiffs’ lawyers, with final approval granted on February 25.

As part of the settlement, Subway agreed to institute practices for at least four years to ensure its bread is at least 12 inches long. The judge approved $520,000 in legal fees and $500 for each of the 10 individuals who were representatives of the class, but no monetary claims were awarded to potential members of the class.

“It was difficult to prove monetary damages, because everybody ate the evidence,” said lawyer Thomas Zimmerman, adding that the fees were being split between 10 law firms.

Subway said in a statement that it was pleased the judge found no wrongdoing on its part.

Subway nevertheless agreed as part of the settlement to take steps to ensure its bread is at least 12 inches long, including requiring franchisees to “use a tool for measuring bread.”

Blame it on the Paraguayans: Tyler says food poisoning brought on shower fall

Aerosmith frontman, American Idol judge and androgynous scarf-model Steven Tyler fell in his shower this morning in a Paraguay hotel, requiring treatment for injuries to his face, including loss of teeth.

Sources connected with Tyler told TMZ dude was suffering from dehydration caused by a bout of food poisoning.

TMZ spoke with the singer’s manager … who described Tyler’s injuries as "minor" and said Steven has already been released from the hospital.

Alicia Silverstone will teach you how to poo

She was great in those Aerosmith videos, cute in Clueless, terrible in 1997’s Batman and Robin, and insufferable as a vegan spokesthingy.

And now she can teach you how to poop.

Alicia Silverstone,
who has been a vegan for ten years, has a new book, The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight and Saving the Planet.

Some Alicia-isms:

"Remember, dairy was designed to make little baby calves turn into 400-pound cows, so that’s what it does to you. …

"Most people aren’t pooing. I know two girls in my life who are good friends, who were not pooing, but now they’re pooing ’cause I helped them. I taught them how to poo."

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, hot sauce and macaroni

It’s no secret I’m a Rolling Stones fan, especially of the inspired work between 1968 and 1972.

Every generation has their Stones knockoff band. In the 1970s it was Aerosmith. The 1980s brought the Black Crowes. Not sure what the recreations were in the later decades, but they exist.

Turns out Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is, at least according to the Baltimore Sun, a bit of a foodie.

Nightlife reporter Sam Sessa hung out with Perry for a while on his tour bus, and spent a lot of time talking about food.

“I had no idea he’s been a foodie for more than 35 years, and has his own line of hot sauces. He also told me he’s planning on launching his own brand of mac ‘n’ cheese in the near future, called Joe Perry’s Rock ‘n’ Roni.”

Does your own brand of mac ‘n’ cheese – or KD, as in Kraft Dinner  in Canadian-speak – make one a foodie?