Senator wants dog meat investigation in Philippines

Dog meat has entered into Philippine mainstream consciousness and has spawned a dish called asocena which is meant to be eaten as a side dish during drinking sessions.

So, according to Bikyamasr, Philippines Senator Manuel Villar Jr. is hoping to open an inquiry into the reported prevalence of the illegal dog meat trade to tighten existing animal protection laws.

However, local animal rights activists say it is not enough, arguing that the senator wants to maintain the practice “and not do the right thing by ending dog slaughter altogether.”

Dog meat eating has existed as a long-standing cultural phenomenon in the Northern provinces of the Philippines, traditionally associated with celebratory events and rituals of mourning.

Maria Pillar told that “the use of dogs for food is wrong and backward. Just because it was traditional in the country doesn’t mean we should keep it. It was part of our culture to keep women at home, but that has changed.”

Villar said.some 500,000 dogs are slaughtered for sale every year.