Lizard found in can of baked beans from Dubai store

Sandeep Sequeira bought a can of Kimball baked beans from a grocery store in Bur Dubai on Wednesday morning.

"When I got home I opened the can and I spotted something weird. So I took a spoon, placed the spoon under what was bothering me and lifted the spoon. It was half a lizard. I was lucky enough that it was right on top of the can. I was going to eat half the can only. I can only imagine if it was at the bottom of the can."

Sequeira contacted the municipality and a food inspector was sent to investigate the matter (image, right, from Sandeep Sequeira, Gulf News Reader).

"The inspector met with me and took the can and the lizard so that they can test it," Sequeira said.

Ahmad Al Ali, head of the Food Inspection Section at Dubai Municipality, told Gulf News on Sunday,

"We have already pulled all Kimball baked bean cans with the same manufacture date and lot number as the one found to be contaminated."