Possible further case of E coli O55 at UK children’s center

Public health officials investigating an E coli outbreak in Dorset have informed parents of a possible further case involving a child at Blandford Children’s Centre.

blandford-childrens-centre.jpg-pwrt2The children’s center only recently reopened after several children that attended there fell ill with the V055 strain of E coli.

Tests on all nursery users and staff then revealed a further eight people who have not suffered any symptoms but who have been found to be carrying the bacteria.

The nursery was thoroughly cleaned and only children and staff that had tested negative for E coli were allowed to return.

However, Public Health England (PHE) said that a child who originally tested negative for E coli has now displayed symptoms of the infection and could be a possible further case.

UK nursery still closed after three youngsters suffer from E. coli O55

A children’s center involved in an E coli investigation remains closed with no date set for its reopening.

e.coli.O55Blandford Children’s Centre in Black Lane was closed after three children who had visited it suffered from a rare strain of E coli.

A spokesperson for Dorset County Council confirmed that it was still closed and they had no information on when it might reopen.

The E coli outbreak has affected 11 people who are either all resident in Dorset or had visited the area since July. Blandford Children’s Centre was closed for three days in October after a child who attended it was diagnosed with the 055 E coli strain.

No evidence of a direct link between the nursery and the cases has been found but Dorset County Council opted to close the center voluntarily while they waited for the results of tests on staff and children.

Lawyers said the 10 people who had been infected since July had a right to expect answers from Public Health England (PHE).