UK chef was tortured by broccoli

A member of staff at one of Britain’s top restaurants has been arrested after two chefs alleged they were assaulted while working in the kitchen.

Maybe this is what it’s like working for Gordon Ramsey.

One chef claimed he had his trousers set on fire with a blow torch and had red-hot pans pressed on his arms.

He also says he was stung on the back of his neck with nettles while making a nettle risotto and was beaten with a rolling pin.

He alleges he saw another chef being punished by being held aloft by his legs and having his head dunked in a vat of lukewarm broccoli and Stilton soup which was later served to guests at the Star Inn at Harome, North Yorkshire.

It was the first restaurant in Yorkshire to win a Michelin star.

Maybe those Michelin stars for fancy pants restaurants are as informative as restaurant reviews, food safety audits and financial ratings.