10 pupils in Bulgaria suffer from staph poisoning

Ten kids attending the “Petko R. Slaveykov” school in Yambol have been accommodated in the toxicology department of the city’s hospital, following a Staphylococcus aureus poisoning.

A visit by the regional health agency discovered lack of personal hygiene among the staff, low hygiene in the school’s canteen, and poor disinfection due to use of watered-down products.

The chairwoman of the health agency Dr. Gencheva explained that during the check-up health workers were able to isolate the Staphylococcus aureus from the pharynx of three of the staff members in the canteen

Health workers were also able to isolate E. coli from the working spaces and the equipment.

Crapping 40 times a day: UK couple left reeling after luxury holiday in Bulgaria

Claudia Tanner of the Daily Mail reports that an idyllic holiday turned into a health nightmare for a couple when they were struck down with salmonella poisoning at a luxury resort.

Paul Gallagher, 45, and wife Lesley, 48, were looking forward to a sun-drenched break in Sinemorets, Bulgaria, but their joy was short-lived when they both fell ill.

Three days into their stay, the pair suffered extreme vomiting, diarrhoea, sweating and stomach cramps in September last year.

Paul, a HGV driver, revealed how he spent the remainder of the week-long holiday going to the toilet 40 times a day.

The pair, from East Kilbride, in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, claim food was left out for hours which attracted flies and the pool was dirty at the four-star Bella Vista Beach Club, where they had paid £620 for an all-inclusive stay.

Back home, Paul’s stools tested positive for salmonella – which is usually caused by eating contaminated food. Lesley was suspected of having the same.

The couple are now seeking compensation. 

I want microbiologically safe, not ecologically clean food

Maybe something is lost in translation but according to Focus-fen.net the Bulgarian sheep-breeders association is telling folks not to eat raw meat or drink raw milk due to anthrax and brucellosis risks.

Biser Chilingirov, chairperson of Bulgaria’s National Sheep-breeding Association urged stock-breeders and farmers to wear wire mesh gloves when butchering animals to prevent themselves for getting cuts.shaun_the_sheep_wallpaper_border

Biser Chilingirov told people to purchase products directly from farms as they were “ecologically clean”. 

Not sure what that means but I’d like to see some data.

Campy sucks: UK mother to sue Thomas Cook after bout of holiday food poisoning

A mother who was forced to miss two months of work after being struck down by food poisoning on a family holiday is calling on the EU to do more to prevent tainted meat from reaching the dinner plate.

tiara-beach-hotel-1Helen Witts, from Pontyclun, Wales, said her symptoms – vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps – were so severe she had to take eight weeks of sick leave from her job as a school driver assistant.

The 51-year-old contracted campylobacter and was diagnosed shortly after returning from Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, where she stayed at the Tiara Beach Club Hotel.

Helen fell ill on the penultimate day of her trip with her 58-year-old partner, Colin, and 15-year-old son, Liam, last August.

She said she used her own medication to ease her stomach cramps, but her condition worsened when she returned home to Wales.

A Thomas Cook spokesperson told MailOnline Travel: ‘Thomas Cook takes health and hygiene issues very seriously and maintaining the safety of our customers is our number one priority.”


There’s no problem here; UK tourist sues over Salmonella ‘nightmare holiday’ in Bulgaria

Catherine Lowe, aged 26, came down with Salmonella poisoning during a stay at a hotel in Bulgaria.

The healthcare assistant needed to be hooked up to a drip at a local medical centre when her symptoms left her dangerously dehydrated, and she still suffers from irritable bowel syndrome two years on.

Laguna-Park-Hotel-inCatherine says the trip was a ‘complete nightmare’.

Her solicitors have issued court proceedings against holiday company Thomas Cook as part of efforts to win compensation.

Catherine fell ill six days into her 10-day holiday at the Laguna Park resort in June 2012.

She suffered severe diarrhoea and stomach pains, and was given treatment at a Bulgarian clinic, but still felt unwell when she returned home to Worsbrough, Barnsley.

Her GP quickly diagnosed salmonella food poisoning.

“I was appalled by the conditions at the Laguna Park Hotel,” said Catherine.

“I was looking forward to visiting Bulgaria.

Meals meant to be served hot were ‘undercooked at best’, she says.

“I witnessed chefs at the restaurant sometimes handling raw meat with the same utensils they used on other foods,” she said.

“When I tried to complain to hotel staff about the conditions in the restaurant and the general hygiene of the hotel they were extremely rude and would not accept that there was a problem.”

Eight children hospitalized with salmonellosis in Bulgaria

Focus News Agency reports eight children holidaying in the coastal town of Primorsko are sick with salmonellosis. The Salmonella bacteria has been isolated in a microbiological analysis in a lab in a hospital in the southeastern salmonellacity of Burgas, announced the hospital.

The children, who were on a children’s camp in a hotel in the town of Primorsko when they fell ill, were hospitalized on August 23 and 24.

Bulgarian holiday from hell for UK family

In July 2008, Amanda Lakin took her 12 and 13-year-old sons and her 75-year-old mother, who had battled cancer, on an all-inclusive trip from the U.K. to the Royal Park Hotel, Bulgaria.

The family faced dead flies on food in the buffet, which staff seemed reluctant to throw away, and birds sat feeding off the buffet.

“I also saw staff filling the water bottles, which we all took drinks from, with the hose they used to water the garden. There was the most appalling lack of hygiene everywhere.”

After several days Miss Lakin made it down to the reception where she was stunned by what she found.

“It was like a film, there was so many sick people. There was little kids being carried by parents with drips coming out of their arms. I’ve never seen anything like it. Everyone was trying to get help.”

Law firm Irwin Mitchell is taking legal action on behalf of 276 clients against First Choice after it denied responsibility for the outbreak of illness suffered by guests between June and October 2008.

The firm has already successfully recovered a substantial settlement for 95 holidaymakers who fell ill at the resort in 2004, 2005 and 2007.

The Bulgarian currency is the lev. Amy’s got a bunch for sale on craigslist.

Listeria contaminated milk may have infected 1300 Bulgarian children

The  Sophia news agency is reporting that some 1300 children from Bulgaria’s southern municipalities of Dupnitza, Rila, and Kocherinovo will be examined for the dangerous Listeriosis infection after consuming contaminated milk in their kindergardens.

Authorities said the milk contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria was produced by Euromeat and Milk EOOD, which were sanctioned in the end of January over not meeting hygienic requirements.