There’s no problem here; UK tourist sues over Salmonella ‘nightmare holiday’ in Bulgaria

Catherine Lowe, aged 26, came down with Salmonella poisoning during a stay at a hotel in Bulgaria.

The healthcare assistant needed to be hooked up to a drip at a local medical centre when her symptoms left her dangerously dehydrated, and she still suffers from irritable bowel syndrome two years on.

Laguna-Park-Hotel-inCatherine says the trip was a ‘complete nightmare’.

Her solicitors have issued court proceedings against holiday company Thomas Cook as part of efforts to win compensation.

Catherine fell ill six days into her 10-day holiday at the Laguna Park resort in June 2012.

She suffered severe diarrhoea and stomach pains, and was given treatment at a Bulgarian clinic, but still felt unwell when she returned home to Worsbrough, Barnsley.

Her GP quickly diagnosed salmonella food poisoning.

“I was appalled by the conditions at the Laguna Park Hotel,” said Catherine.

“I was looking forward to visiting Bulgaria.

Meals meant to be served hot were ‘undercooked at best’, she says.

“I witnessed chefs at the restaurant sometimes handling raw meat with the same utensils they used on other foods,” she said.

“When I tried to complain to hotel staff about the conditions in the restaurant and the general hygiene of the hotel they were extremely rude and would not accept that there was a problem.”