SC Taco Bell patron assaulted for not saying ‘excuse me’ after burping

Sorenne can burp and fart all she likes. As long as she says, excuse me.

Our walks home from school are usually populated with, “excuse me, I terrance.phillip.fartfarted.”

It’s that manners thing (and she is part Canadian, like Terence and Phillip).

According to The Braiser, 20-year-old Isaiah Morris was chilling in a South Carolina Taco Bell booth, eating with a friend, when an unknown male came up and asked if he “had just belched and not said excuse me.”

Morris then asked the man to repeat what he had just said, and the guy (allegedly) threw a chair at him, (allegedly) started choking him, and (allegedly) tried to head-butt him.

At that point a seventeen year old girl working behind the counter broke up the fight and got the aggressor to back off. He drove away, the police got only first-hand reports, and the security cameras probably didn’t capture the altercation.

I can’t embed the video, but the belching contest from 1984’s Revenge of the Nerds is available at Wasn’t John Goodman cute?