Things that are cool about Canada on this Canada Day (and it ain’t us)

Wayne Gretzky

Neil Young

Dan Ackroyd

Phil Hartman

Robbie Robertson

Alexander Graham Bell


Lorne Michaels

Kids in the Hall

Blue Rodeo

Leslie Neilson

Tragically Hip

Frederick Banting




Hockey (the ice kind, and the girls kind)

And the warmth and understanding for an 18-year-old who killed two other guys in a 1981 car crash.

PM Trudeau manscaping? A poutine donut? Yes and happy Canada Day

Saturday, July 1, 2017, is the 150th anniversary of Canada’s founding as a nation.

The N.Y. Times says in a series of vignettes, it is a day celebrated by newcomers seeking economic opportunity or refuge from war, immigrants of several generations and descendants of arrivals from more than a hundred years ago. For aboriginal peoples, who remain subjected to discriminatory policies, the anniversary is not one to celebrate.

USA Today reports that Tim Hortons will celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by offering poutine doughnut at five of its restaurants. A poutine doughnut is one the chain’s Honey Dip Donuts topped with potato wedges, gravy and cheese curds.

And TMZ reports Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  posed for the cover of Delta Airlines Sky Mag … the July issue. The shot is perfectly framed … making his crotch the centerpiece.

This is the tragedy that Canada has become: A hot leader with the media sense and policy sense of a moose, by posing for Delta.

No one flies Delta, unless they have to.